Daily Archives: 19 May, 2014

Loopback processing recommendations

A great 2 part blog series about Loopback processing of group policys.


For a quick summarize of a few recommendations that is no official best practices (but they maybe should be).

  1. Don’t use loopback  🙂
  2. Use a separate GPO for the loopback setting; ONLY include the loopback setting in this GPO, and do not include the user settings.  Name it Loopback-Merge or Loopback-Replace depending on the mode.
  3. Avoid custom security filtering if you can help it.
  4. Don’t enable loopback in a GPO linked at the domain level!
  5. Always test in a representative environment prior to deploying loopback in production.

Even dough this is a year old post I wanted to help spread the word because there is still some crazy GPO configurations out there, and why not try to keep it simple 🙂